Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The beginning of a great adventure

We are excited about our collaboration with Ishoothorizon.
Ishoothorizon is photographer Romuald Swieconek. His work sometimes makes reality look twisted and somewhat distorted. In the hyper reality of Ishoothorizon objects and places are often alienated. Objects seem to be telling their own stories.
We are more than happy to announce that Ishoothorizon will follow Diskonnekted during its journey. From now on he will be our one and only personal photographer.
The future looks twisted but bright.
"The beginning of a great adventure," as Lou Reed would say...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Right said Fred

Schidde won’t join us next Saturday at the Necropolis Festival in Bruges, but we are happy we found a wicked replacement in Fred ‘Freddy’ De Moor. Among other bands, Fred played in Death Before Disco with whom he toured parts of the world, not to mention his own psychedelic trips to other universes.
Fred happens to be a brilliant guitar player and adds a nice and nasty twist to the new Diskonnekted tracks.
We hope to see you all on October 15th in Bruges at The Necropolis Festival!

As additional news for those who read Dutch, please read this cool interview Dark Entries did with Diskonnekted as an appetiser for the Necropolis Festival.