Thursday, November 25, 2010

Into the game

Mark January 7th 2011 in your calendar, because then Psy'Aviah will unleash their DJ/RMX EP based on the song “Into The Game” on which they collaborated with Ayria.
For this EP they selected very different remixers to guarantee a splendid diversity of reinterpretations of the song. From EBM mixes by Signal Aout 42 and Plastic Noise Experience to the more electric versions by Slave Republic, the electro pop of Suicidal Romance, to the upbeat progressive dance reworks by Interface and Diskonnekted, and to the dark renditions by Misery and Schwarzblut.
As a bonus, Psy'Aviah also arranged a radical remix of “Voltage” by Krystal System and they reveal the brand new song “Wired Life”, a first preview of the next album...

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