Sunday, September 11, 2011

If you don't like the truth you can make up your own

"The truth has never
sold any better
bubblegum wisdom - magazine junk
you call them liars
you call them thieves
'cause you're really stuck
in your own beliefs

nine eleven
as a shortcut to heaven
alien nations behind the sun
robots among us
a dead president
predict the future
predict the end."

- "Conspiracy", from the forthcoming "Hotel existence"

It's been a demo for two years now, but it feels right to finish the final version today.
Fed by superstition and an unhealthy dose of paranoia, 'nine eleven' has inspired many minds to come up with conspiracy theories that are both amusing but also false and sad.
So once again, I was inspired by people who choose to create their own answers on things fed by dark and obscure ideas.
It's a sad celebration.