Friday, November 4, 2011

Diskonnekted bangs the drums

Diskonnekted is featured in the November edition of the German Beat magazine. The edition contains a 10-page special "Electronic Drums" in which Diskonnekted discloses the secrets of our drum sound. Other artists involved are among others: Tom Wax & Boris Alexander, Rotersand, KMFDM, Martin Eyerer, Sebastian Komor, Edge Of Dawn, Apoptygma Berzerk and KJ Sawka of Pendulum.

Diskonnekted also delivered some sounds for the DVD of Beat 2011/11 which contains 1.2 GB of drum samples from the mentioned artists as well as from Best Service, Ableton, Time & Space, Prime Loops, Loopbased and Xenomorph Productions.

Some words on producing beats:
"Back in the days when sequencers and samplers were hard to master there was a big difference between step sequencing a pattern and the more adventurous way of chopping up loops into a new collage.
New technologies and better environments have brought these two approaches together. Take Stylus RMX or Reason’s Dr. Rex for example: it brings both worlds together making it very easy to create cool rhythms. It enables you to make your own patterns with cool sounds without having the trouble of chopping up loop sources yourself.
I continuously invest in new sounds for my library so it can tickle my inspiration in whatever mood that I am working in. And I strongly suggest everyone to do the same: you can’t evolve sound wise without having a constant growing library that supports your inspiration.
Whenever I have new rex2-files I translate them into RMX because it fuels my inspiration in a very intuitive way. It almost feels like jamming. And once I have the sound that I am looking for after messing around with knobs and effects, I finally programme my own patterns in midi."

- Jan