Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hotel Existence: the tracklist!

‎'Hotel Existence' offers you 14 songs.
Final tracklist looks something like this.
We hope to reveal the release date soon!

1. Yesteryears
2. Conspiracy
3. Justify
4. Razorsharpshooter
5. Dark place (ft GNY)
6. Empty
7. Sunblind
8. Little darkness
9. Neverland
10. Stuck in one universe
11. To have and to hold
12. Justify (short reprise)
13. Dalloway’s journey (ft Lemongrazz)
14. Tunnel vision

Friday, January 27, 2012

Septic X: out now!

Today the Septic X sampler by Dependent is officially released.
It features "Yesteryears" by Diskonnekted: a first real announcement of the forthcoming album "Hotel Existence".

After some very cool reactions by fans on the internet, the track is also well received in the first reviews.
From "brillantes Stück" in Sonic Seducer to "ein endlos schöner Song mit fast schon verschwenderischer Detailverliebtheit in der klanglichen Ausgestaltung" on Madgoth.de.

[order HERE]

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Septic X

We’re excited to launch our new sound to the world via this cool compilation!

[order HERE]

As Dependent puts it:
"Volume number ten in this series, "SEPTIC X" once again combines a wealth of fresh sounds from all corners of the scene together with several big names. For everyone who has been drowning in the sea of MySpace and Facebook mediocrity, "SEPTIC X" will shine like a beacon of exceptional quality."

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hotel Existence: the cover

We are happy to reveal the cover of ‘Hotel Existence’.

The picture by our visual artist Romuald ‘Ishoothorizon’ Swieconek reflects the general idea of the inner fantasy that promises you a better world, a place that was more than just a place, but an opportunity, a chance to live inside your dreams.

We picked up that idea from the novel ‘The Brooklyn Follies’ by Paul Auster.

We gave it a little twist though. More than an inner refuge, this fantasy can become a cancer of unfulfilled expectations. The picture of Romuald is the ideal translation of that forgotten and failed dream.

Feel free to share the cover all over the net!