Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Some more things you should know about the tracklist

Maybe you recognize a few titles, but we can assure you all tracks are new in its album form.

We introduced 'Yesteryears' already on the Septic sampler. The version on the album however is the full extended version.

You might also know 'To have and to hold' from a Depeche Mode tribute sampler. But that one was rather made in a hurry. We took our time to improve the mix and Emeric even added a very cool guitar line. So again, on the album you will hear a full extended and ultimate version.

And then there's 'Dalloway's journey'. Some of you may know that track as it once was a free download on the Lemongrazz SoundCloud. Nick Warren even called it a 'cool track' - it took me a whole week to take that smile again from my face.
I added a vocal line that fitted the atmosphere, and thus it became a track that really suited 'Hotel Existence'.

Btw, Lemongrazz, being the sunny side project of Diskonnekted, will also be present on the limited 2cd box with additional remixes.