Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Raving reviews for "Hotel Existence"

This album is proof that when electronic music is freed of genre limitations some truly great things can happen, it’s full of twist & turns so that you’re never really sure what’s coming next but, whatever it is, it never fails to please & to excite, this is one must-have release.
- Hard-Wired

The first single, “Neverland,” is a club killing stomper with broken loops leading into driving riffs and vocals on the attack. One of those songs you can listen to on repeat over and over again.
- The Spill Magazine

The least I can say is that “Hotel Existence” left me breathless. The electronic sounds are irresistible while the guitar playing inject a powerful and carrying aspect. The debut of this album is simply overwhelming and close to perfection.

The sound of electronic pop with "Yesteryears", the electrorock feel in "Justify", the dubstep chorus in "Dark Place (ft GNY)", the dancetrack "Sunblind" and "Stuck in one Universe" that would not have been out of place in the latest (and greatest?) Prodigy album. Each and every single track on this album have something to bring.
- Brutal Resonance

Hurray, I can finally listen to this new masterwork! Just as Jan Dewulf stated in his interview: "this album is very worked out, going very deep". I love his sweet voice and I am dreaming away, floating on the sound waves. With this CD, Diskonnekted can easily be played on commercial radio's.
- Peek-a-boo

“Hotel Existence” is een veelzijdige, dynamische, maar toch ook toegankelijke plaat. Niet alleen muzikaal, maar vooral ook door de lekker in het gehoor liggende zangpartijen. Uitgebalanceerd en fris.