Monday, July 22, 2013

Beat Magazine (D) Remix & Mashup special

Those of you speaking German should check out the current edition of Beat Magazine covering all there is to know about remixes and mashups. Diskonnekted is featured twice in two elaborate ‘how to’ articles taking you step by step through the world of remixing and mashups. Both the remix and the mashup are included on the DVD accompanying the magazine.

First, there’s our track ‘Empty’ being mixed together with ‘Kites’ by the German electro project Strobotone. You can read in Beat Magazine how they mashed things up. And then there’s the remix: Edge of Dawn rearranged ‘Yesteryears’ for this special occasion. How about that! The result is catchy as hell and will be featured on a forthcoming EP after summer. (A new EP? Yes that’s right, but hush hush, more about that soon!)

More info: Beat Magazine