Stubborn and combative, Diskonnekted has always been fighting the stereotypical boundaries that separate the genres within the genres. Refusing to walk the line or to follow any leader, Diskonnekted floats somewhere between big electronic beats, spacy ambient layers, deep and dirty basslines and distorted grooves. Somewhere between heaven and hell, and soon somewhere between your ears.

With Diskonnekted, Belgian artist Jan Dewulf uniquely combines progressive electro tunes with a broad spectrum of alternative dance styles ranging from EBM and big beats to industrial and tech-edged breaks. After having worked on a wide spectrum of previous projects enriched with the trademark Belgian EBM-sound, which often brought him comparisons to The Klinik, it was at the turn of the millennium that Diskonnekted was founded.


As a natural offshoot of his electro-roots, Diskonnekted combines electro-influences with all the cutting edge genres of dance music. The result is a fresh combination of elements aiming straight for the dancefloor. Male vocals by the likes of Apoptygma Berzerk or yet Fluke sharpen the edges of the songs. All these spicy ingredients give Diskonnekted a special place in the Belgian electronic scene, the birthplace of alternative dance music...

Diskonnekted joined Alfa Matrix in 2005 for the release of his 2nd album entitled "Neon Night" in Summer 2005, and its preceding "After Einstein" EP. In 2006 Jan teamed up with living legend Dirk Ivens (Dive/Klinik/Sonar) for the release of "Frozen".

On Diskonnekted's 3rd full length album "Old School Policies", Belgian artist Jan Dewulf shows a furious face and shoots his anger at religious freaks and other conservative propaganda politicians. The characteristic Diskonnekted groovy vibes were given new orientations ranging from the explosive industrial hip hop collaboration with SMP on "Anger" to lush classy edgy synth pop on "Storm" (with Frank M Spinath from Seabound on vocals) or yet industrial dance on the viral club-filler "Pray Vote Donate Buy". The album brilliantly jumps from upbeat scenarios to more relaxed moments while keeping its full anger and climax intact all the way through. This is modern and "straight-in-ya-face" electronic music made in Belgium.

The 4th studio album "Hotel Existence" introduces a new formula that brings the band through raving breaks, deep and stuttering bass, catchy poignant vocals and electronic soundscapes. Apart from being an explosive intermix of styles that's never been heard before in the contemporary industrial/electro scene, "Hotel Existence" is also an emotional quest that will shake your inner world.